AVArcher Cloud Consultancy Services

User Oriented Virtualisation

Since 1993 AVArcher have successfully provided knowledge based Information Technology services to OEM, channel partner and end user customers in Scotland, the UK and Europe from their near Edinburgh base.

Since 2002 we have specialised in server Virtualisation, Virtual Infrastructure (VI) and, more recently, User Oriented Virtualisation. We understand the needs and aspirations that can be met by the implementation of products and technologies such as VMware and OpenStack. AVArcher also partner with organisations to provide migration planning and implementation services.

Virtualization, Virtual Infrastructure, Network Oriented Virtualisation and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), are changing the computing landscape and AVArcher are well placed to provide planning, testing, proof of concept, migration, implementation and other services to enable organisations attain maximum competitive benefit.

Flexible and ‘on demand’ delivery of critical applications, services and infrastructure, while maintaining management visibility and control, are key focus areas for today’s IT management. Virtualisation and Cloud technologies are proving to be fundamental to these deliverables.

AVArcher have spent many years consulting with – and training – stakeholders in the implementation and integration techniques required to ensure projects they are involved in deliver the targeted outcomes.

Why deal with AVArcher?

Current and developing virtualisation and related technologies considerably reduce the cost of service delivery by;

  • Centralising hardware, management and security
  • Providing rapid provisioning technologies for testing and out-scaling
  • Enabling rapid recovery from any size, or criticality, of failure
  • Reducing the infrastructure footprint
  • Moving to software tools for datacentre configuration and management
  • Automation of all aspects of infrastructure deployent
  • Reducing power costs

AVArcher are well positioned to provide consultancy and education services that enable you to achieve these benefits;

  • We are fully focused on the benefits that can be derived from our chosen technologies.
  • We are small enough to be adaptable to changes in technology and practice directions, and your aspirations
  • We are fully supported in the areas we work – by manufacturers, developers and extensive community relationships
  • We are respected as having been working with the technologies for a considerable period of time
  • We have a proven track record of delivering technically demanding projects, on time and within budget.

AVArcher consultants and trainers are fully qualified in all the fields of expertise covered by AVArcher consultancy services, these include;

  • VMware Certified Professional (VCP)
  • VMware Certified Instructor (VCI)